In December 2021, CMDI in collaboration with the Global Youth Leaders Network of Gambia had a one-day Mentorship pilot programme for some selected students of Senior Secondary Schools in Abuja. The Programme was supported by the FCT Secondary Education Board.


During the interactive session, the students had the opportunity to express themselves.  One of the recurring questions from some of them was what role parents should play in the career choice of their children/wards. Many of the students who spoke indicated that their parents often never allowed them to study courses of their choice but would rather impose certain courses on them irrespective of whether they were good in such courses.

Our International Mentors who came from Mexico, the United States of America, Spain and the Gambia took time to explain to the children and their teachers who accompanied them to the event that it was wrong for parents to impose a course of study on their children/wards. Every child is gifted with talents by God, and when parents prevent such children from developing their potential, it becomes a setback in their future.

CMDI Mentorship series will be expanding the discussion on the career choice for children and the role of parents in our Mentorship programme in the New Year.

The Mentorship programme is scheduled for Saturday 4th February 2023 at the Cyprian Ekwensi Art and Culture, Abuja. Principals of Senior Secondary Schools and some of their selected students are expected to be in attendance.

Interested Partners and Promoters are invited to join and participate in the programme by registering on our website or send an email to us.

Let us build our today for tomorrow.


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